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Recreational Vehicle

You may need recreational insurance when you have a recreational vehicle or a business that provides outdoor experiences. This can be applied to a wide range of activities that do come with risk. If you need recreational insurance, call In-House Insurance in Utah to find out more.

Covering Your Recreational Vehicle

When you get recreational insurance, you can get coverage for recreational vehicles, RVs, and vehicles like four-wheelers and other ATVs. Whether you have a dune buggy or an RV, your car should be covered in case of accidents. It's essential to have coverage for liability when you have one of these vehicles, just as you would for a car or truck. You can also get collision coverage that pays for the damage to your vehicle after an accident.

Outdoor Activities

If your business involves giving people outdoor experience, you likely need recreational insurance to take care of possible liability. Various companies provide a wide range of outdoor activities. These may include certain sports, rock climbing, bicycle rental or tours, snowmobile tours, ziplining, ATV tours, rock walls, and more. If you provide activities that involve some risk, this insurance is for your business. You may need bodily injury and property damage liability in your coverage.

When you provide your services, this may be your team's expertise, safety gear, and instructions for the activity. All of these can mean being held liable if there is an injury. Protect your business by being insured against these risks.

Get Recreational Insurance

Always stay insured as needed when you own a recreational vehicle or provide outdoor experiences. You can face many risks, so stay protected with the right recreational insurance. When it's time to get a recreational policy, call us at In-House Insurance of Utah to get started.

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